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Health is Wealth

The monthly masterclass

This series is designed to make healthy living accessible. Each month will have a different healthy living topic with a professional guest speaker that knows what's up! Ranging from gut health to fitness to emotional health you are sure to expand your knowledge on overall wellness and dig deeper into the world of confident living. 

Can't make it live? No worries, we'll send you the replay!

Each class will have open floor Q&A

Workbook included in all classes

Katelyn is a mindset and confidence coach helping others to let go of limiting beliefs so they can show up confidently to create the lives of their dreams. In this class, we'll discuss mindfulness, how and why to define your values, and creating goals that are motivating and inspiring. We'll be teaching you how to become your most magnetic self while achieving your goals and attracting in your dreams through hypnosis, meditation, subconscious reprogramming, and more.

Mindful & Magnetic with Katelyn Kohlen
WEDNESDAY, April 14TH 2020 - 6PM est

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