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It hasn't always been stable...

I haven’t always had the most stable life. I experienced the bitterness of love early on, seeing more divorce than most children could comprehend. Having one absentee parent that couldn’t put the bottle down and another that chose a toxic love, leaving me hurt and afraid.

I began resenting my body and chose to starve and purge in hopes that my weight would qualify me for acceptance and love. I felt incapable, unworthy, and invisible.

The pivotal shift...

About a year into university, I cracked. The “perfect plan” that I had for my life no longer made sense. I struggled to make genuine connections because my insecurities took over my ability to be the outgoing person that I am.

I started making little changes in my life that allowed me to find love within. You see, you can’t expect others to love you until you love yourself and this was my issue. I continued to seek love from others to make up for the love I didn’t receive growing up.

I found myself at square one and put in the work to find my purpose; one of self-love, acceptance, and pure bliss. It took time, energy, and a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for me but through yoga, intuitive living, shifts in my diet, exercise, journaling, gratitude, and so much more, I have figured it out and love myself more than ever.

I’ve done the hard work and have created the resources needed to consistently come back to myself and my purpose. That’s why I do what I do; to help others not feel so alone during times of confusion and heart-ache. When you have the resources and ability to be content within, you have the tools needed for a happy and fulfilled life, regardless of where you are and what you are challenged with.

from self-doubt to self-love

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I'm an empath and love learning about emotions from myself and others

i love yoga and i'm a 200-hr CERTIFIED yoga instructor

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I'm an ENFJ on Meyers briggs and a 3 on enneagram

I'm an adventure seeker and travel lover


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"When I talk to madi, I feel as if i am speaking to myself. only the most improved, most successful, best version of myself. "

kristi m

"The best coach i Have worked with. Madi touches on all areas of life, making intuitive living and confidence MANAGEABLE and sustainable"

Amber B

"Madi is incredible. She is encouraging, insightful, and knows how to always motivate you to be the best version of yourself. "

Jamie h

To me, health and wellness more than a goal or something to blog about. It’s a way of living that has not only healed my body but has healed my mind too. When I am in alignment with myself, it’s as if I put on a lens that gives me a different view of how beautiful this life is. I only hope to be able to share that with the world through the work that I do and the message I share.

Loving my mind and body the way that it deserves

Creating a life of fulfillment

being able to Trust my intuition

Living authentically, wholeheartedly, and enthusiastically

Being able to find grace and gratitude even in the toughest of times

Being aware and mindful of my choices, actions, and reactions

A reminder that I am enough, even on my worst days

what wellness means to me

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